"Going Home with America's Huey-091"
is a completely philanthropic and voluntary project with the purpose to:

  • Educate current and future generations
  • Honor our Vietnam Veterans for their valor, courage, and selfless sacrifice, as well as all veterans who have answered our nation's call
  • Pay tribute to those who paid the ultimate price in the defense of freedom
Our mission objective is to deliver and donate UH-1H 65-10091 to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History on 19 March 2004 for display in the Price of Freedom exhibit, opening 11 November 2004.
Latest News:

The Final Flight of America's Huey
Well, it couldn't have been a more beautiful day to end America's Huey - 091's Final Journey Home. Under a beautiful evening sun we headed out of the city... here are some of the sights from the day... Photos

Arrival on the Mall!
This was the main goal of the entire journey. The safe arrival on the Mall of 091 in DC. To put it succinctly: Mission Accomplished! After landing there was a ceremony inside to sign the Deed of Gift, and then we came back outside to move 091 over onto the Smithsonian property. Photos

Captain Walter Francis Duke Regional Airport at St. Mary's County
Okay, so this location wins as the longest official title of a LZ for our trip to Washington, and it didn't disappoint. We had a great turn out for our program. The weather was beautiful, and we thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality! Photos

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