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Great site... great mission. Anyone know how I can contact Warren Bailey? We worked together long ago at RAF Lakenheath.

Gene Hilsheimer
Mount Dora, Florida USA - 04/10/2019 09:16:20 AM (Central US)
I worked at Bell Helicopter O/M center in Amarillo, Texas in 1968 - 1969 before enlisting in the USAF. It is possible I may have worked on 091. I wish I had kept a list of Serial Numbers.

Jesse Romo
Amarillo, Texas USA - 09/08/2016 11:05:59 PM (Central US)
I flew 091 with the Robinhoods from Lai Khe, Vietnam June 1966-June 1967....

Matt Griffin

The Woodlands, Texas USA - 12/31/2014 07:53:25 AM (Central US)
I served two tours with the 173rd Assault Helicopter Co in Lai Khe (1968-1970) Not sure if I ever worked on 091, but who knows?

David Megens
Huntington Beach, Ca USA - 05/17/2014 01:04:32 PM (Central US)
My first love in aviation! The Huey was a sweetheart. I think I logged about 1500 hours of pure joy in her, mostly in Germany. Thanks for putting her to bed in the Smithsonian.

Herbert McKinley
Wake Forest, NC USA - 12/22/2013 12:32:43 PM (Central US)
Sergeant Major "Pineapple", my boss, used to book the seats on 091 and the 24th Engineer's other five birds. When ever I had a day off he would book a seat for me if there were any spares. I flew in 091 a number of times. I believe half of our Air Section enlisted were from California. God knows every hair I have stands up when I hear the heartbeat of a Huey. They have been swarming here in Sydney during the bush fires. A couple of them came over together the other day and it made time stand still. If you have ever been plucked from a bad situation by a Huey, you know what that heartbeat does to you when you hear it. All the very best, Eddie Gallier

Eddie Gallier

Sydney, NSW Australia - 10/29/2013 04:30:01 AM (Central US)
I worked in operations at American Airlines before that a mike boat in cam rhan bay viet nam 66-67.

michael nolan
San Diego, Ca USA - 01/31/2013 10:36:56 AM (Central US)
Thanks guys....I was a Robin Hood in 1966-67 at Lai Khe and flew 091 regularly. Matt Griffin

Matt Griffin

Houston, TX USA - 01/06/2013 05:06:04 PM (Central US)
Served with the 176 AHC Musket Guns in 69.Door/Gunner "603". I want to thank everyone involved in this 091 foundation.

Cecil (Hank) VanHorn
South Daytona, Florida USA - 08/26/2012 09:55:52 AM (Central US)
E co. 51st LRRP, G co. 75th Rangers, Americal Division 68-69, The Huey was our savior.

Robert Sedlmeyer
Commerce, Michigan USA - 07/13/2012 09:15:33 AM (Central US)
Was Dusted Off as a wounded Infantryman by the 54th Med Det in 1968. I later became a Huey pilot with 82nd Med Det at Ft Riley. Gotta love the Huey, great machine. CW3 Wentling, USA, INF, AVN (ret)

Craig Wentling
Milford, Ks USA - 06/23/2012 03:26:53 PM (Central US)
I totally enjoyed this webpage...recognized an old friend of mine, F Castleberry. A true patriot; was so sorry to hear of his passing in 2010. My husband is a Vietnam Vet; spent 2 tours of duty there. My dad was a WWII Vet; spent time in the Phillipines, wounded & sent to hospital ship Hope. I love that the Huey has been honored as a Vietnam War hero!! One day I hope to visit it in person.

Mary Jo Porter-Languell

Guthrie,, OK USA - 06/11/2012 10:27:54 AM (Central US)
My hometown is Canadian, TX. Fred Castleberry lived there for several years before going into the Army. I was a friend of his family & still visit with his sister, Winnie E. West. She will be so thrilled that I found this site for her to visit. I lost a close friend from Canadian, Junior B. Pack & recently another young man from Canadian's remains were returned to the states & burined at Arlington cemetery, Charles Newton. My father, EF Porter served in WWII & received the purple heart. Gerald L. Languell, my husband, spent 2 tours in Vietnam before we married. Thank you to all our Veterans who have served this great country, the United States of America, during Vietnam & all our wars before & after that era.

Mary Jo Porter-Languell
Guthrie,, Oklahoma USA - 06/09/2012 05:09:48 PM (Central US)
Served with the 3/506th Infantry Battalion, 101st Airborne Division, RVN and Cambodia, 1969-70. Leslie H. Sabo will receive the Medal of Honor posthumously on May 16, 2012 at the White House. I had the honor and privilege to know and be with Sgt. Sabo on May 10, 1970 in Cambodia. He was a great hero, a fine soldier, and a great American.

Richard S. Rios
Spring, Texas USA - 04/13/2012 05:44:48 PM (Central US)
Served with the 176 AHC Muskets Guns 69-71. Armament/Gunner. I appreciate you making Huey history known to America. God Bless You

Mark Wells
Hockessin, Delaware USA - 06/18/2011 06:35:30 PM (Central US)
Thank you. I visited 091 today at the Smithsonian. As a former Army nurse of the Vietnam Era, I was truly moved by the reverence of the display. I'm also looking for a copy of the film in which the Journey Home was chronicled. Please feel free to email me if you know where I can obtain this. Janet H Mansir, RN, CPT, ANC.

Janet H Mansir
Eldersburg, MD USA - 01/30/2011 08:57:32 PM (Central US)
I am looking to see if the David Clark listed as a member, ever spent time in San Francisco on his way to Vietnam? I know someone who may be related to him here in CA.

Mike Garcia
, USA - 01/20/2011 01:49:07 PM (Central US)
I flew with the 173rd, my call sign was Robinhood 23 and i flew this aircraft. Thanks to all of you who worked on this project. I am happy it is in a good home Paul

Paul Shumate
Laguna Niguel, CA USA - 06/29/2010 10:09:08 PM (Central US)
I crewed and gunned with 704th Maintenance Battalion (D 1/10 Air Cav) in 77 and 201st Aviation Company "Red Barons" in Korea, 79....welcome home brothers. Glad to see the appreciation heaped on this old bird.

(Sgt) Jimmy Baker
Way down yonder, Utah USA - 02/05/2010 08:57:44 PM (Central US)
I had the extreme priveledge of getting to fly in her when I was working at Bell Helicopter in Amarillo in 2004. I was on the first flight. She was beautiful. Serving in the ARMY for 8 years working and flying in one almost every day, it was like I was home again. I got to wear the Hot-Mike. The Pilot even did a slight auto-rotaion for me. Albeit small, but what a rush. I just want to Thank You for the opportunity of letting me be a part of one of her last flights. A moment I will always remember and cherish.

Steve Hudson
Attica, Kansas USA - 12/17/2009 03:23:28 PM (Central US)
Hooah! Ive been on Flight Status as a Crewchief/Door Gunner for over 26 years. My favorite Helicopter Is the UH-1 ! Huey's will be flying for ever!

CSM Chad Cuomo
FT BELIVOR, VA USA - 05/14/2009 07:52:39 PM (Central US)
VietNam Vet USN Was aboard the Big E for the Evac of Saigon.and the Tico from 1968.. Road in a few Heweys, but mainly Golly Greens and Sea Sprites. You are doing Great work!!!

John Vaclav
Cotopaxi, CO USA - 03/02/2009 10:57:37 AM (Central US)
You are doing a good Thing!When i was wounded in lebanon,in UN service,in 1980,a Huey brought me "home".I will never forget that feeling,and that sound!!Thx.

Amsterdam, Netherlands - 01/21/2009 09:56:36 AM (Central US)
many times during my tours in country i remember how good it was to hear the huey coming for one reason or another ! thanks for the memories !! steve burns

steve burns
ft worth, texas USA - 11/24/2008 09:33:16 PM (Central US)
I servied in the 173rd AHC (Robinhoods)from March 1966 to May 1967. I later went back to Vietnam working for Air America. It is nice to see one of our Huey's in the Smithsonian. Good luck all.

Ronald Fonte
McMurray, PA USA - 11/22/2008 03:40:05 AM (Central US)
LAFAYETTE, LOUISIANA USA - 07/29/2008 08:52:10 AM (Central US)
I performed "Before You Go" at the Patriot Fest in Lakeway TX in October 2007. It was a weekend I will never forget. Thank you and I hope we will be working together again in the future.

John Melnick

, USA - 07/21/2008 05:00:35 PM (Central US)
I have had the privilege to have met and work with some of the members of the 091 foundation on one of their disable veterans hunt. Thanks for all the support you give our military personnel, veterans and disabled veterans and I consider it a privilege to know you guys. Many of you are veterans yourselves, which we all owe a debt of gratitude. Keep up the good work and thanks for all you do and have done to make this the greatest country in the history of the world.

Don Stephan
Willow Park, TX USA - 07/10/2008 05:05:03 PM (Central US)
Great article on Huey091. Hope to see it in Smith sonian some day. Flew them from West Point annex and Ft Devens, MA. Incredible helicopter!! Witnessed the great performance of this machine in Vietnam. A historical picture of this machine is on top of a large hotel in Saigon wars end with 50 people on a ladder seeking a seat. It was an Air America Huey.

Maj James M MacFarlane
Quito, Ecuador - 07/05/2008 07:27:22 PM (Central US)
My Dad served in WWII in the Air Force but I have never served in the military. Currently I work for American Airlines and serve as the USA Home Team Coordinator for the 86th Combat Support Hosptials in Baghdad and Mosul. Our group of volunteers send care packages to our military serving in our US Army hospitals and their patients. Our pride and respect go from all of us to all of you for your service to our country. Just in case your Vietnam veterans did not hear it at the airport when they returned to the USA "Welcome Home, We are Proud of you!!!"

Colleen Canion

Ft. Worth, TX USA - 06/20/2008 03:58:26 PM (Central US)

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