Our Helicopter:
Our Huey's history is a long a storied one that begins back in 1965 when her production began. Manufactured as a UH-1D with tail number 65-10091, she was purchased by the Army in August of 1966. By September of the same year, she was in Vietnam, serving with the 173rd Assault Helicopter Company, the Robinhoods.

While in Vietnam, she was documented as being damaged by enemy fire three times; during the third incident she was hit in the cockpit, her hydraulic systems were damaged and she crashed. This resulted in her being declared a "loss to inventory". She was "later recovered by any means other than its own power" and brought back to the US where she was repaired and put back into service.

She then flew with a few different units across the US (Ft. Sill, and Ft Stewart), then at Fort Rucker attached to the Avaition School. Late '71 found her in the National Guard, then by September of '73 she was off for Germany.

While in Germany during 1974, she was crewed by Randy Perkins. She served with the 24th Engineering Group, HHQ at Sembach Air Base. She was mainly used to ferry VIPs around to various operations. She had been upgraded to an H model by now and was "freshly refurbished" according to Randy.
We are working to get a more complete history of our aircraft, we'll post it when it is complete.


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