Our Team:
Here is just a partial listing of some of the teammembers involved with ensuring that our mission is executed with honor, dignity, respect and integrity:

Maj. General Dick Stephenson, USA (Retired - Vietnam Veteran - VHPA* - Virginia)
Ben Medley (Veteran - President, DynCorp - California)

General Ron Fogelman, USAF (Retired - Vietnam Veteran - Colorado)
General Don Kutyna, USAF (Retired - Vietnam Veteran - Colorado)
Lt. General Gus Cianciolo, USA (Retired - Vietnam Veteran - VHPA* - Virginia)
Lt. General William "Bud" Forester, USA (Retired - Vietnam Veteran - Virginia)
Lt. General John Riggs, USA (Vietnam Veteran - Washington, DC)

Brig. Gen. Bernard Pieczynski, USAF (Vietnam Veteran - Texas)
Brig. Gen. Mike Wholley, USMC (Retired - Vietnam Veteran - Virginia)
Col. Bob Ames, USAF (Retired - Vietnam Veteran - American Airlines Captain - Texas)
COL Stan Cass, USA (Retired - Vietnam Veteran - VHPA - Colorado)
Captain Mike Cronin, USN (Retired - Vietnam Veteran - Maryland)
Captain Tom Crull, USN (Retired - Vietnam Veteran - VHPA - Texas)

COL Charles Bogle, USA (Retired - Vietnam Veteran - VHPA* - Colorado)
COL Tom Walker, USA (Retired - Vietnam Veteran - Alabama)
LTC James Barger, USAR (Retired - Vietnam Veteran - VHPA - California)
Lt. Col. John Chambers USAF (Retired - Vietnam Veteran - Texas)
Lt. Col Zane Lemon, USAF, (Retired - Vietnam Veteran - Texas)

LTC Bruce Molitor, USA (Retired - Vietnam Veteran - Texas)
LTC Ken Paulson, USA (Retired - Vietnam Veteran - VHPA)
LTC Frank Radspinner, USA (Retired - Vietnam Veteran - Texas)
CW5 Randy Jones, USA (Retired - Vietnam Veteran - VHPA - Alabama)

CW5 John Travers, USA (Retired - Vietnam Veteran - VHPA)
CW4 James Booth, USA (Vietnam Veteran - Virginia)
CW4 Jim Dayton, USA (Retired - Vietnam Veteran - VHPA - Alabama)
CW4 Warren Joyce, USA (Retired - Vietnam Veteran - VHPA)

CW4 Michael J Novosel, USA (Retired - WWII Veteran - Vietnam Veteran - MOH Recipient - Alabama)
CW3 Larry Shatto, USA (Retired - Vietnam Veteran - Texas)
CW3 Robert Taylor, USA (Retired -Vietnam Veteran - VHPA* - Texas)

CSM Harry Fraiser, USA (Retired - Vietnam Veteran - Texas)
SMSgt Warren Bailey, USAF (Retired - Vietnam Veteran - Texas)
SGT Fred Castleberry, USA (Retired - Vietnam Veteran - Alabama)

Lt. General Richard Cody, USA (Veteran - Washington, DC)
Lt. General Bill Lennox, USA (Veteran - New York)
Maj. General William Gossell, USMC (Retired - Veteran - Texas)
COL Bob Birmingham, USA (Retired - Veteran - Alabama)
COL Charles Glass, USA (Retired Veteran)
COL Dick Joyce, USMC (Retired - Alabama)
LTC James Bullinger, USA (Alabama)
Lt. Col. David Clark, USAFR (American Airlines First Officer - Texas)
LTC Dick Hansen, USA (Veteran - Washington, DC)

Lt. Col Moses Malone, USAFR (Veteran - American Airlines First Officer - Texas)
LTC Terry Reininger, USA (Retired - Veteran - Texas)
CDR David Thaxton, USN (Retired - Alabama)
LCDR Steve Blankenship, USCG (Retired - Veteran - American Airlines Captain - Texas)
MAJ Bruce LeMoine, USAR (American Airlines First Officer - Texas)
CPT Kelly Brown, USA (Washington, DC)

B.G. “Jug” Burkett (Vietnam Veteran - Author of Stolen Valor - Texas)
Bob Carr (Vietnam Veteran - VHPA* - Florida)
Ken Fritz (Vietnam Vetaran - VHPA* - California)
Thomas Halligan (Vietnam Veteran - Louisiana)

Perry Huges (Vietnam Veteran - Texas)
Bob Hughes (Vietnam Veteran - California)
Terry McCann (Vietnam Veteran - New York)
Reid Rose (Vietnam Veteran - California)
Chuck Schrecongost (Vietnam Veteran - Texas)
Terry Sullivan (Vietnam Veteran - VHPA - Colorado)
Jerry Turner (Vietnam Veteran - VHPA - Texas)

Gary Upton (Vietnam Veteran - Colorado)
Ed Walsh (Vietnam Veteran - 091's First Crew Chief with the 173 AHC "Robinhoods" - Massachusetts)

John Defranco (Veteran - American Airlines First Officer - Texas)
David Duquemin (Veteran - American Airlines Captain - Illinois)
Jim Palmersheim (Veteran - American Airlines Captain - Texas)
Mike Grosse (Veteran - Texas)

Mike Novogratz (Veteran - New York)
Steve Thomas (Veteran - American Airlines Captain - Texas)

Teri Barger (California)
Bob Bertram (American Airlines Flight Attendant - Texas)
Cathy Castleberry (Alabama)
Ronnie Donahue (Alabama)
RD Hill (American Airlines Captain - Texas)
Zach Huckabee (Texas)
Mike Jackson (Texas)
Gary Lawson (Texas)
John Prufeta (New York)
Will Swetnam (Texas)

Bob Szablok (American Airlines Captain - Texas)
Noelle Weiler (American Airlines Flight Attendant - Texas)

VHPA = Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association member
VHPA* = VHPA Lifetime Member


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