UH-1H 65-10091 - Within the Price of Freedom: A holiday trip to the DC area gave me a chance to stop by the Smithsonian National Museum of American History to take a look at how our Huey looks within the Price of Freedom: Americans at War exhibit.
America's Huey - 091's Final Flight - Washington, DC: After a day around DC, and some time at the aircraft on the plaza of the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, the crew brought her back over to the Mall for her final flight. It was a beautiful evening, and the weather couldn't have been better for her final journey home.
Arrival on the Mall - Washingon, DC: This was the main goal of the entire journey. The safe arrival on the Mall of 091 in DC. To put it succinctly: Mission Accomplished! After landing there was a ceremony inside to sign the Deed of Gift, and then we came back outside to move 091 over onto the Smithsonian property.
Capt. Walter Francis Duke Regional Airport - California, Maryland: Our final LZ before we take her to DC on Friday, took us to St. Mary's county for a great reception from local veterans, dignitaries, and families. The day was beautiful, and we had a great time. On the way to Davison AAF, we had a great flight and saw a bald eagle enjoying the day almost as much as we were.
Lejeune Hall - Quantico, Virginia: Our final stop on this beautiful day was at Lejeune Hall where kids from Burrows Elementary School had been brought. It was a great finish to a great day! Thanks to all the folks at Quantico that made these visits so great!
Ashurst Elementary School - Quantico, Virginia: Our second stop of the day was at Ashurst Elementary school. The kids gave us a great welcome, and sang the "Huey Song" for us!
Quantico HS and Russell ES - Quantico, Virginia: Our first stop was the football field between Quantico High School and Russell Elementary School. 091 had a maintenance issue early, but we were able to stop by later in the day to let the kids see our Huey. Thanks to the schools' staffs for being so accommodating of our schedules by getting the kids out a second time today!
United States Naval Academy - Annapolis, Maryland: We flew into the USNA as our final service academy stop. The Midshipmen turned out to welcome us, we watched the formation head in for lunch, ate with them, and then presented in Memorial Hall. After talking with some of them around the huey, we pulled pitch for Quantico.
United States Military Academy Prep School - Fort Monmouth, New Jersey: Our week began with some snow showers which kept 091 on the ground, but the project's reception was an amazing one. After eating lunch, we presented to 200 Cadet Candidates who were a great audience.
New York Military Academy - Cornwall on Hudson, New York: The weather didn't allow us to fly, but the cadets at the New York Military Academy were incredible hosts. We were honored by their hospitality, and enjoyed eating lunch with them as well.
United States Military Academy - West Point, New York: We did a fly over of the USMA campus, and landed on the Plain. We were then escorted into Washington Hall where we were able to address the cadets, and have some lunch with them. Our thanks for the hospitality!
West Point School - West Point, New York: Our second stop of the day was at the school on campus for the children of the staff of USMA. We were honored to hear from a World War II D-Day veteran as part of the program.
West Point Rotary Club - West Point, New York: We were hosted by the Rotary club during their breakfast meeting.
National Civil War Museum - Harrisburg, PA: The evening reception was held at the National Civil War Museum.
091 Day in Pennsylvania - Harrisburg, PA: Our team was honored by the tournout, support, and welcome from Harrisburg, PA. With the state's Senate, House and Governor, along with the Dauphin County, and Harrisburg all declaring 1 March 2004 Huey 091 day, how could we not feel at home!
EAATS - Fort Indiantown Gap, PA: Fort Indiantown Gap and EAATS (Eastern Army Aviation Training Site) were our hosts for the afternoon, as we were welcomed with open hangar doors. We know our lady was glad to be with other Hueys again, there were several in the hangar with her. A reception was held for us, and we were able to get some time in their Huey, Cobra, and Blackhawk simulators. An outstanding staff and facility!
Unloading the Vehicles - Harrisburg, PA: Late morning found us back at Harrisburg International Airport to unload our vehicles from the C5. Thanks again to the outstanding crew for the lift East!
C5 Load Up - Colorado Springs, Colorado: After our programs were complete, we repositioned over to the Air Force side of the airfield, and got our equipment loaded up for the flight to Harrisburg, PA.
Sheraton Hotel - Colorado Springs, Colorado: Before we headed to the Airforce base to load up on the C5, we made a quick stop at the Sheraton that had hosted our group off and on over the past week. We were greatful for all their support.
Medal of Honor Memorial, Heroes Plaza - Pueblo, Colorado: Our first stop of the day was down the road in Pueblo at the convention center.
Abrams Elementary School - Fort Carson, Colorado: Our final stop for the day was at Fort Carson's Abrams Elementary School. We were honored to have more patches added to our helicopter, and by the welcome of the fine students.
Timber View Middle School - Colorado Springs, Colorado: Our "lunch" stop for the day was at TVMS, where we were able to both present and sit down to have lunch with the students.
Mountain Ridge Middle School - Colorado Springs, Colorado: Our first stop of the day gave us a great shot of Pike's Peak as we were welcomed to yet another fine school.
Weld County Veterans Memorial - Greeley, Colorado: Then we were off to the Weld County Veterans Memorial where another large crowd joined us to hear our program. We were again honored by the donation of patches to ride with our helicopter to the Smithsonian.
Northridge High School - Greeley, Colorado: Our first stop today was to the Northridge High School, where students from two other schools had been bussed in so they could extend an incredible welcome to our team!
Greeley Reception - Greeley, Colorado: The evening was capped by a wonderful reception. It seems that most of this part of Colorado came out to support our mission, we can't thank the folks who came by enough for their attendance.
Greeley Airport - Greeley, Colorado: Then it was off to Greeley Airport for the night, but before we put 091 in the hanger, we had the chance to do some flying.
Highland High School - Ault, Colorado: From there we were on our way to Greeley, Colorado; so we dropped into Highland Highschool since it was on the way. Our reception was amazing, and we thank them for hosting our team.
Huey-091 Day in Colorado - Denver, Colorado: Our mission was honored today by Senate Joint Resolution 04-019 which declared that 25 February 2004 is Huey-091 day in Colorado. We were honored to be on the floor of both the Senate and the House as they unanimously approved this resolution.
Wings Over the Rockies - Denver, Colorado: After a stop for fuel, where we had another patch added to the transmission housing cover, we were off to Wings Over the Rockies for our next stop.
Fort Logan National Cemetary - Denver, Colorado: Our day stated with iffy weather between us and our first LZ, but the weather stayed to the South, and we flew to Fort Logan National Cemetary.
Frontier Elementary - Colorado Springs, CO: Our final school for the day, we stopped by Frontier Elementary School, where we were able to continue the great string of educational programs that bring a piece of living history for kids to learn about and touch.
United States Air Force Academy - Colorado Springs, CO: From AAHS, we flew to the Terrazo at the United States Air Force Academy. 4000 cadets turned out to welcome, and to learn about our mission to the Smithsonian.
Air Academy High School - Colorado Springs, CO: Our first stop of the day, and for the state, was at Air Academy High School. A great tunout of students welcomed us with a great show of support.
Arrival in Colorado - Colorado Springs, CO: With a week of programs on tap for Colorado, our team met up in Colorado Springs, discussed the upcoming events, and then headed to Solo's a great evening. Yes, that is a real KC-97 that is integrated into the restaurant!
Ice and Snow - Lakeway, Texas: Well, who says it never gets cold in Texas? Friday brought ice on the aircraft at daybreak, and by the time it had been cleared off (thanks guys!), the weather had moved in to the North. The next morning, our gal had a nice decoration of snow. We then headed on our way up to Amarillo!
St. Andrew's Episcopal School - Austin, Texas: Well, the sun finally peeked out briefly for the first time on our journey as we headed to visit the St. Andrew's School Crusaders.
Lake Pointe Elementary - Lakeway, Texas: Lake Pointe Elementary showed us exactly where to set our lady down, and we were delighted to accomodate!
Shoemaker High School - Killeen, Texas: The weather cleared for our afternoon visit to Shoemaker High School.
Meadows Elementary - Ft. Hood, Texas: Our flight to Meadows Elementary school was called due to lack of visibility, but we made the visit just the same.
On to Killeen - 10 February 2004: We then returned to Bell Helicopter - Textron to re-fuel and we were off to Killeen.
Grapevine Elementary School - 10 Febrary 2004: Our first stop was at Grapevine Elementary School, in Grapevine, Texas.
America's Huey - 091 Pulls Pitch! - The Journey Home Begins!: On the morning of 10 February, Americas Huey 091, lifted off
Bell Launch Dinner - Hurst, Texas: Our mission's launch was celebrated at a dinner hosted by Bell Helicopter Textron.
Historic Aviation Memorial Museum - Tyler, Texas: The clouds on Friday were a portent of things to come on Saturday. They made for a great sunset, but a rainy day for the presentations. The rain didn't dampen the enthusiasm of the folks who showed up though...
VHPA - Chapter Meeting and Flying: We were honored to be invited to brief the VHPA Fort Wolters Chapter Quarterly meeting about America's Huey; we re-paid in kind by inviting their members to come fly with us.
Garner Elementary School - 14 November 2003: On the 14th, we were asked to come back to Garner Elementary School since we didn't have the time on the 11th. David Clark from the Texas Air Command Museum went down to share our presentation with the kids.
Veterans' Day 2003 - Grapevine Elementary School: Pictures of the first location for the day, Grapevine Elementary School, Grapevine, TX.
Veterans' Day 2003 - American Airlines Visit: Our second stop was at the Centerport complex for American Airlines. We swapped the person in the left seat, then headed over to let the employees learn about our mission and our aircraft.
Veterans' Day 2003 - Bedford JHS and Garner Elementary: Our day's last two stops took us to two more schools...