A tribute to the Veterans who didn't make it back, a mission coin has been placed by a crewmember at the middle of the Vietnam Veterans' memorial.  I saw a half dozen coins and patches left by our crew at the wall.

091 on the grounds of the Smithsonian National Museum of American History Sunday.

Maj.Michael W. Foster (ret), a Robinhood vetaran Huey pilot with 091's first Crew Chief Ed Walsh (right).

Maj.Michael W. Foster (ret) back in the right seat...

The Smithsonian had arranged to have Maj.Michael W. Foster (ret) on hand to talk to folks about what it was like to fly in Vietnam.  He had quite the captive audience.

Maj.Michael W. Foster (ret) and other crewmembers talk with visitors.

Tom Halligan lowers the engine cowling before 091 is repositioned onto the Mall for liftoff.

Larry Shatto and Tom Halligan close another access cover before moving 091.

PIC Maj Bruce LeMoine has just replaced the access cover which has been signed by the America's Huey - 091 crew; his son, Hunter looks on.

Tow bar and ground handling wheels in place, Terry Reininger looks on as 091 moves towards the Mall.

Warren Bailey watches as 091 comes down off the lawn onto the pavement.

Bruce (by the pickup) and Terry (green jacket and khaki slacks) ensure the ramps to get 091 onto Independance are in place.

Now up onto the Mall...

...across the walkway...


...and onto the grass of the Mall itself.  The Capitol dome can be seen in the distance, and to the right is the Smithsonian Castle.

091 and the Capitol.

Flags flying on a beautiful early evening with the Washington Monument in the background.

Bruce gives one more salute atop 091 before removing the colors...

Tom Halligan and Hunter fold the flag.

Bruce and Ed in front of 091

Bruce talks with Randy Perkins, a crew chief of 091 when she was in Germany at Sembaugh Air Base with the 24th Engineering Group, HHQ. Two of Randy's patches are on 091.

After liftoff we head down the Mall towards the Capitol...

...make a 180 degree turn and...

...fly over the crowd that had seen us off.

We flew between the Washington Monument and the White House.

A fitting tribute to our fallen soldiers, 091 flys over the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial as she heads out on her final flight.  A salute from this Vietnam Veteran Helicopter.

Team member Randy Jones was at the vee of the wall, and took this picture as we passed over.

We then flew over the tidal basin, with a great view of the Jefferson Memorial in the evening light.

Flying into the sunset, towards Davison AAF.